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    7.30pm Saturday 26 November 2022

    Experience Sam Stevenson’s unique looping roots and blues music live as he plays original songs from his new album From The Ashes, supported by Ben BaylissStacey Mills and Nick Keeling.

    Sam Stevenson is a musician and firefighter from the Far South Coast of NSW. Looping roots and blues on stage, Sam’s original songs often start out mellow but build to an edgier rock crescendo, a passionate style that is attracting lots of audience attention around local music venues and the wider Australian music industry.

    Bursting onto the scene at the 2019 BandTogether For Tathra concert with a dynamite rendition of “With a Little Help from My Friends” backed by The Figmentz, Sam went on to record the song with Vika and Linda Bull as part of the ABC’s The Recording Studio program. Having worked in Community Services prior to this, he made the choice to make music full time, only to have COVID destroy the plan. Sam went on to work in bushfire recovery and civil construction project management until his recent performance on Australia’s Got Talent gave him the opportunity to do music full time again. Sam has been been working on his debut album, entitled From The Ashes, due out soon.

    Live At The Twyford: Nick Keeling, Sam Stevenson, Ben Bayliss, Stacey Mills, Sam Mills in Merimbula 2022

    This performance is supported by Live Music Australia – an Australian Government initiative.