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The Terms & Conditions on this page apply only to the sale or re-sale of tickets for events presented and ticketed by The Twyford Hall Complex Ltd. If you are purchasing tickets to events ticketed by a 3rd Party Hirer of our venue, different conditions may apply.

Tickets to Twyford-presented events can be purchased:

Payment Methods Accepted

Our venue prefers card payments.

  • Online (via TryBooking) Credit/Debit Card or PayPal
  • Phone Credit/Debit Card
  • At the door Credit/Debit Card, EFTPOS, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Cash
  • Twyford Gift Certificate

Terms & Conditions

The Twyford follows the guidelines of the Live Performance Australia Ticketing Code of Practice.

Tickets are NON REFUNDABLE if you are unable to attend the event.

If the Event is cancelled by the Event Organiser prior to the Event, the ticket buyer will be contacted via the contact details provided at the time of booking. If the Ticket was paid by credit card, the value of the Ticket, plus any additional fees and charges, will be automatically credited back to the Ticket Buyer’s card. If your Ticket was purchased by cash, voucher or other non-traceable means, or the Ticket Buyer has changed credit card details since booking, the Ticket Buyer will need to apply for a refund from the Event Organiser before the original Event date and within 14 days of the cancellation advice.

If the Event is rescheduled prior to the Event, the Event Organiser will advise the Ticket Buyer via the contact details provided at the time of booking. If you cannot or do not wish to attend the rescheduled Event, the Ticket Buyer has the right to a refund. If the Event was rescheduled due to Intervening Circumstances *, your rights under the Consumer Guarantees are impacted.

When an Event is rescheduled, the Event Organiser will make reasonable endeavours to advise the Ticket Buyer as soon as practicable via the contact details obtained at the point of sale and make reasonable endeavours to ensure that you are given seating in a similar location at the rescheduled Event.

If you are unable or unwilling to attend the Event on the rescheduled date, the Ticket Buyer should apply for a refund from the point of purchase in a timely manner. This should be done before the original Event date and within 14 days of being advised of the rescheduling.

Contact the Event Organiser



  • An act, default or omission of (or a representation made by) a person other than the Event Organiser (or an agent or employee of the Event Organiser); or
  • A cause outside of human control which occurs after the time when a Ticket is sold.
    This may include an act of God, state of emergency (e.g. bushfires or floods), public health emergency (eg pandemics), travel warnings (e.g. travel restrictions or advice to not travel) and government directives (e.g. forced venue closures or mass gatherings restrictions).

If an Event is cancelled or rescheduled due to Intervening Circumstances, possible remedies include:

  • Refund – Either a full refund or a partial refund (less transaction/handling/booking fees or delivery charges) depending on the Ticket Terms and Conditions at the time of sale;
  • Exchange to the Rescheduled event or a different Session of the Same Event – A Ticket, valued at or above the price of the original Ticket, to a different Event.
  • Gift Certificate – A Gift Certificate at or above the price paid for the Ticket.

In addition to offering you any of the above remedies, the Event Organiser may ask whether you are willing to forgo your
refund/remedy and donate the price paid for the Ticket, and advise you who will receive the donation.


Only tickets purchased through The Twyford’s TryBooking gateway, via our phone number or at the door of the event are valid for Twyford-presented events. The Twyford does not sell tickets via any other 3rd party platforms and we are under no obligation to accept tickets obtained elsewhere. Tickets may not be resold to another party at a higher price than the original purchase price (no scalping).

Photo by Patrick