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21 – 26 April 2024: EYE ON THE WORLD Photography Exhibition

    Manarola at Dusk – ©Paul Hogie

    Photography Exhibition by Paul Hogie.
    The Twyford – Hall venue. 

    Sun 21 – Fri 26 April 2024 
    10am to 4pm daily
    (Closed 10am to 12noon on Anzac Day).
    Free entry

    This exhibition gives expression to many years of passionate interest in photography and travel by photographer  Paul Hogie that have combined to create a storehouse of imagery and impressions.

    In exercising his avid interest in world travel, Paul has always taken his trusty Nikon cameras along, with the aim of bringing to life the colour and diversity of the most interesting places in the world.

    Come along to see the sights you may have visited, or you simply yearn to visit, presented with a creative eye on capturing both the spirit and emotion of distant places. This collection has an emphasis on scenes at night, making use of the available light and seeking out opportunities to create a strong and vibrant quality through rich colours and dominant dark areas.

    The photographs bring all of the highest quality elements together at each stage to complete the finished artwork, such as custom framing and the use of archival quality metallic-based media that best represents the vibrancy of the colours and details in the photos.

    Accompanying each exhibit is a small commentary to provide context, to relate the story, to explain the photographer’s thoughts at the time and, above all, to share the experience which makes this type of work a joy to admire.

    Catalogue available at:

    Image: Manarola at Dusk © Paul Hogie