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5 March 2022 SUNLIT

    Sunlit by JoJoZhou

    Critical Stages Touring


    by JoJoZhou
    Showing of work-in-progress

    Saturday 5 March 2022

    Free entry
    Limited seats available

    This will be a showing of the work-in-progress plus a Q&A with the playwright and director, following a 4 day development hosted in Merimbula at The Twyford, with community input.

    SUNLIT is written by JoJo Zhou (The Great and Powerful Ozzie) and directed by Green Door Theatre Company’s Bernadette Fam (Tataraimaka Moana). It’s a powerful new work from some of the brightest young voices in Australian theatre.

    Featuring Elizabeth Brennan, Frankie J Holden, Charlotte Ahrens and Jared Auer. Supported by The Twyford and Critical Stages.

    Inspired by the school strikes for climate Sunlit is set in an ex-mining town sometime in the future, Sunlit explores an imagined future in which a small Australian town has been surrounded by walls to keep the residents safe from the ever-rising ocean. The young people of the town don’t know why this has happened, and nobody is willing to tell them, so the town sits in tense boredom, waiting for something to happen.

    When an unexpected visitor ignites their curiosity and interest, Bub and her friends head down the rabbit hole to discover the truth of the matter, and attempt to find out who is responsible for their future devoid of Sunlight.

    Weaving poetry, humour, and science, Sunlit aims to provide a cathartic experience for the young and angry, as well as breaking open a nuanced dialogue on victim and perpetrator.


    Thu 3 March 9am-11am Twyford Hall
    Focus group with local adults disengaged from the artistry of Sunlit – how people communicate information and receive information – which generation is responsible for climate change? – personal/town responses to climate change – parental responsibility vs. climate change. Participants receive $70 for their time and snacks.

    Sat 5 March 9am-12pm Twyford Hall
    Free theatre devising workshop with Sunlit Director Bernadette Fam
    For directors, writers and teachers.