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Twyford Calendar

This calendar is for internal staff/contractor/Board use only. It lists:

  • Public Holiday and NSW & VIC School Holiday periods (in brackets)
  • Known large external events that may impact our staff/volunteer/audience availability (in brackets)
  • Times when key staff have planned days away (initials in brackets – eg LSA means LS is Away)
  • CONFIRMED events means a hire agreement, MOU or contract has been signed
  • TBC or 1ST/2ND HOLDS These are ‘pencilled dates’ for events still waiting for date confirmation / negotiations to be completed before signing a hire agreement or MOU. TBC means dates are not yet finalised. 1st hold means the dates are agreed but contract has not yet been signed. 2nd hold means a hirer can only get the date if the 1st hold hirer pulls out.
  • PRERIG dates are reserved days to allow tech/FOH staff to prerig lighting/sound/equipment/chairs etc prior to an event.
  • DARK means the hirer has a ‘Dark hire’ over the space – they have left their event setup and it is not being actively used, but no other hirer may use the space at that time.
  • Note: There may be additional events under negotiation that do not yet appear in this calendar
  • Rostered staff appear in the Details for the event.